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Outside Magazine, March 2011

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Backpacker, 2008





The Source
of All Things

Paperback Released
February 21, 2012.
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If you were visiting me at my home (the little shack behind me in the photo is my writing studio, not my home, though the cabin where I live is not much larger), I’d take you hiking, or skiing, or rafting, or mountain biking because we would have fun and I believe outdoor adventure can cure just about anything. From the time I was a little girl, I’ve felt closest to my true self when I’ve been outside—either hiking or boating a wild river or backcountry skiing—for days on end.

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Thank you to Greg McFadden, River Painter, for the artwork on my site banner.

This website features the artwork of Greg McFadden, who has been capturing Western landscapes while working as a professional river guide and plein aire painter since 1990. Every painting is created in the great outdoors using actual water from the rivers he navigates.

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